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Capability brochure for Woodhouse

Woodhouse capability brochure

Street furniture, lighting, and signage manufacturer Woodhouse wanted a brochure to encapsulate their philosophy and product range, using working project examples. It was fundamental that the brochure brought to life Woohouse’s experience and innovative design approach to set them apart from their competitors. The brochure needed to showcase a range of their products, detailing how they were formed in consideration of the landscape in which they would fit into. It was also important to reflect on the cutting-edge technology behind Woodhouse and demonstrate the range of working examples from transport exchanges to city shopping centres. Continue reading

Driving entries to the West Oxfordshire Business Awards with social media and email marketing

WOBA's Twitter

We decided that being sponsors for the West Oxfordshire Business Awards (WOBA) was not enough, especially when there was so much work to do in raising awareness and encouraging local businesses to enter the #woba2013 awards. So we decided to offer help to WOBA with their digital marketing and social media, with the aim to motivate others, celebrate their achievements, and open doors to their success.

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